Ellingson Lab



UCLA Brain Tumor Imaging Laboratory (BTIL), is part of the Center for Computer Vision and Imaging Biomarkers, and a member of the UCLA Brain Tumor Program. Our research involves the development, testing, and implementation of advanced MRI and PET imaging biomarkers for the characterization of brain tumor biology and response evaluation in clinical trials. 


Research Interests

  • Image protocol standardization and quality control for multicenter clinical trials in brain tumors

  • Imaging biomarkers for novel brain tumor therapies - Diffusion, perfusion, and functional imaging in brain tumors
  • Radiogenomics and high-dimensional image processing
  • Voxelwise spatiotemporal modeling of brain tumors using serial imaging
  • Advanced MRI and PET techniques for brain tumor treatment evaluation, characterization, visualization, and quantification.



For a full list of our publications, please visit http://cvib.ucla.edu/btil/publications/ 


Lab Members

Ben Ellinson PhD., M.Sc – Assistant Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Physics, and Bioengineering

Ararat Chakhoyan Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Scholar

Catalina Raymond, M.Sc. – Research Programer

Jingwen Yao, M.Sc. – Graduate Student Researcher



Robert Harris, Ph.D.

Kevin Leu, Ph.D.

Davis Woodworth, Ph.D.