Hu Lab

Short Bio
Dr. Hu received his Bachelar's degree from Tsinghua University, China in 2000, and his PhD from University of Virginia in Biomedical Engineering. He then joined the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Boston as a post-doctoral research fellow and then as an instructor. He joined UCLA Department of Radiological Sciences in 2010 as an assistant professor and was promoted to associate professor in 2015.

Research Projects
Professor Hu is interested in translational magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research. His lab develops MRI pulse sequences, image reconstruction and processing techniques for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of various diseases. Several MRI techniques developed in his lab have been adopted at regional, national and international levels. More recently, Professor Hu is leading advanced MRI technical developments in the UCLA MR-guided radiation therapy research program.  

Group Members 

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars
Shams Rashid, PhD
Jiaxin Shao, PhD
Fei Han, PhD

Graduate Students
Fei Han, MS
Da Wang, MS
Ziwu Zhou, BS
Yu Gao, BS  
Fadil Ali, BS      


Honors and Awards
Peng Hu, Philips Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Science Award, 2010 Society of Cardiovascular MRI
Peng Hu, Regional Scholarship Award, 2010 Society of Cardiovascular MRI
Stanislas Rapacchi, Young Investigator Award Semi-Finalist, 2013 ISMRM
Stanislas Rapacchi, summa cum laude Merit Award, 2013 ISMRM
Stanislas Rapacchi, Young Investigator Award, 2013 International MR Angiography Working Group Meeting
Fei Han, magna cum laude Merit Award, 2013 ISMRM
Fei Han, summa cum laude Merit Award, 2016 ISMRM
Shams Rashid, Regional Scholarship Award, 2014 Society of Cardiovascular MRI
Shams Rashid, Early Career Award in Translational Science, 2014 Society of Cardiovascular MRI
Shams Rashid, summa cum laude Merit Award, 2015 ISMRM
Jiaxin Shao, summa cum laude Merit Award, 2016 ISMRM Da Wang, summa cum laude Merit Award, 2016 ISMRM Da Wang, Finalist,2016 SCMR Early Career Award in Basic Science Competition Fei Han, Norm Baily Award 2017 AAPM Southern California Chapter

Research Funding
2010 – 2014 American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant (10SDG4200076) (Hu), 2D/3D Cardiac and Respiratory Self-Gated Cine MRI using Intrinsic Motion Sensitivity of Phased Array Coils
2012 – 2014 NIH (NHLBI) R21 HL113427 (Hu), Robust Cardiac Self-Gating for Fetal Cardiac MRI
2013 – 2015 NIH (NHLBI) R21 HL118533 (Hu), Late Gadolinium Enhancement MRI for Patients with Implantable Cardiac Devices
2015 – 2017 American Heart Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship (15POST22700041) (Rashid), Improved myocardial scar and fat mapping protocol for ventricular tachycardia patients with implanted cardiac devices
2015 – 2020 NIH (NHLBI) R01HL127153 (Hu), A new paradigm of cardiovascular MRI for pediatric congenital heart disease.