Diffusion Tensor MRI

Research in the Ennis Lab focuses, in part, on innovating and evaluating methods for characterizing myocardial structure and remodeling using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI).

A healthy porcine DT-MRI dataset (253MB) is made available in the public domain for general use. This dataset is stored in a Matlab *.mat file and contains T1-weighted images (452 x 454 x 208 array, 0.33×0.33×0.66mm spatial resolution, TE/TR=3.15/12 ms), T2-weighted images (452 x 454 x 128 array, 0.33×0.33×0.66mm spatial resolution, TE/TR=89/15460 ms), and DT-MRI data (150 x 150 x 128 x 3 x 3 array, 1.0×1.0x1.0mm spatial resolution, b=1000 s/mm2, TE/TR=62/18100 ms).


Example matlab scripts for data processing and visualization are forthcoming.

This data is available as part of an on-going collaboration with Dr. Julius Guccione (UCSF, NIH/NHLBI R01-HL118627) and his combined efforts with Ellen Kuhl (Stanford) and Ghassan Kassab (California Medical Innovations Institute) on NIH/NHLBI U01-HL119578.