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Date Presenter Topic
May 24th, 2017 Everyone ISMRM Wrap-Up Session
May 31st, 2017 Everyone ISMRM Wrap-Up Session Continued
June 7th, 2017 Eunice Effectiveness of Rectal Gas Removal on Reducing Geometric Distortion Artifacts in Prostate Diffusion-Weighted MRI at 3T
June 14th, 2017 Zhaohuan TBD
June 21st, 2017 Cass R2* Mapping
June 28th, 2017 Jiahao A simple neural network module for relational reasoning
July 5th, 2017 Canceled

Canceled: Happy 4th of July

July 12th, 2017 Xinran Summary of ProstateX Challenge

July 19th, 2017

(Start at 1pm)

Neema Jamshidi Systems Biology & Radiology: Exploring Biology Through Hierarchical Imaging and Functional Modeling
July 26th, 2017 Xinzhou Feature detection and motion prediction
August 2nd, 2017 Tess Pediatric NAFLD
August 9th, 2017   Cacelled
August 16th, 2017 Samantha MRI-Guided Targeted Needle Placement Using Hydrostactic Actuators
August 23rd, 2017 Dapeng Liu ASL Placenta Function
August 30th, 2017 Tianle Cao TBD
September 6th, 2017 Yu Wang TBD
September 13th, 2017


September 20th, 2017 Cancelled Cancelled
September 27th, 2017 Thomas Martin Fat-only Self-Gated Signal for Respiratory motion compensation
October 4th, 2017 TBD TBD
October 11th, 2017 Cancelled TBD
October 18th, 2017 Le Zhang Overview of MR Thermometry
October 25th, 2017 TBD ISMRM Abstract plans (10min pitch + 10min discussion) - Sam, Xinzhou, Thomas, Eunice (maybe)
November 1st, 2017 TBD ISMRM Abstract plans (5-10min pitch + 5-10min discussion, 5-7 slides max) - Thomas, Xinran, Le, Ali, Tess, Sam, Eunice 
November 8th, 2017 cancelled ISMRM deadline
November 15th, 2017 Group Lunch TBD
November 22nd, 2017 cancelled Thanksgiving
November 29th, 2017 cancelled TBD
December 6th, 2017 Jiahao Lin Golden Angle Deep Learning Based Reconstruction 
December 13th, 2017 Zhaohuan Zhang RSNA Presentation and Other RSNA Topics
December 20th, 2017 Cancelled


January 3rd, 2018 Cancelled TBD
January 10th, 2018 Eunice Lee Quantitative evaluation of the effect of rectal gas removal for reducing Prostate DWI susceptibility artifacts .
January 17th, 2018 Ali Danyalov Texture analysis of placenta multi-parametric MRI
January 24th, 2018



Quantitative T2 mapping for MRI guided intervention
January 31st, 2018 Xinzhou Li Motion Prediction using a Multi-Rate Kalman Filter with Golden Angle Radial Acquisition for Real-Time MRI-Guided Interventions
February 7th, 2018 Ruiming Cao TBD
February 14th, 2018 Le Zhang TBD
February 21st, 2018 Thomas Martin TBD
February 28th, 2018 Tess Amstrong TBD
March 7th, 2018 Xinran Zhong TBD
March 14th, 2018 Yee Jin Lee TBD
April 11th, 2018 Zhaohuan Zhang Higher-resolution Prostate DWI using Eddy Current Nulled Convex Optimized Encoding
April 18th,2018 Tess 3D R2* Characterization of the Placenta During Early Gestation Using Free-breathing Multiecho Stack-of-Radial MRI at 3 T: Temporal and Spatial Variation
April 25th, 2018 Alibek Texture analysis of placenta multi-parametric MRI
May 2nd Thomas Evaluation of Uterine and Placenta Motion throughout Early Gestation
May 9th Samantha TBD
May 16th Jiahao Deep-learning based realtime reconstruction pipeline for golden-angle trajectory
May 23rd Le Hybrid PRF/T1 based MR Temperature Mapping
May 30th Xinran Advancing Prostate Cancer Characterization via Improving the Quantitative Interpretation of Multi-Parametric MRI
June 6th Xinzhou TBD
June 13th TBD ISMRM practice