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Neurological MRI/MRS

  • Neurovascular MRI, PET
  • Brain tumor treatment evaluation, characterization, visualization, and quantification
  • Novel brain tumor imaging biomarkers, diffusion, perfusion, functional imaging, radiogenomics, high-dimensional image processing, voxelwise spatiotemporal modeling

 Oncological MRI

  • Quantitative multi-parametric MRI for prostate cancer and placenta
  • Machine learning / deep learning algorithms for detection and characterization of body cancer (prostate and liver), post-cancer treatment toxicity-induced cardiac dysfunction


  • Neurochemistry, brain, breast, prostate, abdomen, cardiovascular, skeletal muscle
  • Human breast cancer, obstructive sleep apnea, prostate cancer, type 1 and type diabetes, HIV and comorbidity 
  • Multi-dimensional MR spectroscopic imaging techniques, brain, breast and cardiac MRSI, biochemical and anatomical correlates of cancer 


  • Cardiovascular
  • Cardiovascular diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, implanted cardiac devices, congenital heart disease
  • Accelerated phase-contrast MRI, quantitative myocardial T1 mapping, compressed sensing MR angiography
  • Quantitative prostate MRI
  • Quantitative liver MRI and MRE
  • MRI-guided interventions and therapies
  • Multi-dimensional qualitative and quantitative MRI for congenital heart disease
  • Accelerated free-breathing MRI techniques for cardiovascular and body applications
  • Tissue mechanics (strain imaging) and fluid mechanics (flow imaging) for cardiovascular diseases and other applications